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how to change base class


I have a character, an archer level 200 is possible to change the base class? I wish very much to change my base class tired of archery, if possible how?



only once for the change and if you talk to the npc again it will revert the change back, so make sure not to spam the npc (no second chances if you screw up/revert back the change)…

it should be located in Klaipeda, far left side of the goddess statue (warp)…

you need to have retrieved all the rank cards and use them before talking to the npc

if you find any trouble post a game image of when it happened and I will be happy to help :slight_smile:



Does not appear the NPC to me, I was Bullet marker and this update ruined my investment in it … please help me



She quit her job on the 30th day after your 1st login day after Jan 15th

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