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How to catch up top players?

Im a returning player

I can do 100m silver per week

Is that enough to catch up top player?

Not really.

What do you have right now in terms of gear?

I have post here

with lv 8 ark

if you ALWAYS get both arch stone prize in every goddess grace event, then yes you can catch up. Money is power!

man , that impossible … lol

Unless you’re playing Fedimian, i don’t see a way to catch up

im in SEA server… I guess 100m per week is not enough

Unless you selling TP cosmetic item like gumiho tail or wing, then you really depend on RNG/luck. Imagine you got 1 vaivora red tiger from autoCM every day, it will boost your buying power tremendously.

I really hate RNG thing

Convert lots of money into TP and sell what you get
Like alooot of money
Hope u are dogecoin millionaire

Are you running any raid content? From what I saw, you need 132 refined moth talc powder (88 for karaliene, 44 for luciferie), 4 arch stones, 4 arch stone frags for your goddess/demon set, and 244 tel harsha mats. I don’t recall the other specific materials you need, but you can check the requirements at the alchemists in town and teliavelis. Then you need to upgrade your relic, which requires a lot of silver.

If you can farm 100m per week consistently, I’m sure you will catch up eventually. For now, work on your fixed armor ichors. Then build your karaliene set, then luciferie. Dump whatever nucle you earn into your ark, and aim for lv 10 ark too.


Put some real money. (this help a lot)
New packages give you some huge advantages.

Have a really big wallet and a few extra credit cards.


Botting and RMT kek

Multiple alts character and get them to Level 361 to farm outer wall 11 for solo cm + assister. You can purchase portal scrolls for the map, and each portal can set you up to 3 alt characters for the silvers + bless shards. (You also get sierra powders and bunch of other stuffs, which you can sell on the market for extra silvers)

This is a burn out method, and i don’t recommend doing it long term, but if this is something that you want to do. Go for it.

30-40 characters take roughly 2-3 hours+ a day. You don’t need strong gears (free gears from Wing of Vaivora NPC level 315-360 Kedoran Box). 3-4x tantalizer 2-3 stars can easily clear the map.

I do not know of any exception to this rule: every single “top player” either spends days farming on alt accounts(stuff like 300 CMs a week) or RMTs
This is said to be prohibited and bannable by IMC but to my knowledge botters and multi accounters havent been banned in years

otherwise, the only way you can play is “casually” like many of us do, next patch is SAID to fix this though, so maybe just… wait for it?

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last time, before legenda set… I just finish completing my varna set… then 1 week later, new legend equip release… It so frustrating… making me quit the game… I hope this time… it will never happen again…

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