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How to build Druid - Diev - Exo?

Hello, I saw there was important class changes at the start of last month. I’m coming back to the game after a long break so I am a little lost.
SInce the last builds available are not up to date, how should I build a Druid + Diev + Exo currently ?

Thanks in advance !

You shouldn’t
jk, be aware that Diev isn’t usually used in DPS builds, it’s mostly used on support builds.
the most used magic cleric build in the moment is Krivis>PD>Crusader. There is a lot of variations of this PD build(including Druid, Exo, Miko) , you can look for the most used builds pressing f10 ingame and checking classes at the Weekly Boss Raid.

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Oh ? I’m surprised, it was a thing before.
Anyway, thank you! I will check there !