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How to be a shinobi

1 its a burst class dmg overtime with a set up like 2 second, after that ur dmg be insane next 20 seconds bcoz all skill fit rotation perfect in 15 secs.bunshin no jutsu copy 4 skills with respective overheat.
2 synergy perfect with assa hallucination make doble dmg skill mijin no jutsu explosion
and assasin buff hasisas more evasion more critical dmg and more speed
3 can be used with any weapon can scout equip.
4 can run like shinobi with +1 extra speed like naruto.
5 have 1 life saver skill MOKUTON
6 BUNSHIN NO JUTSU its a cleaner 100% debuff
7 all skill are pierce dmg can be best for , rogue pierce debuff so synergy with assa and rogue but you need a dagger build.
8 shinobi/assa/rogue focus on ambush annd stealth skills so have synergy at 100%
9 cloaking affect clones. no buff only stealth.
10 skill katon no jutsu and kunai its small dmg area no limit of aoe ratio.kunai have more bigger area and katon its lineal area.
11 critical rate and dmg affect your clones.
12 . main dmg skill factor its based in subweapon. sword take raw dmg only and effects and gems.

1 dmg of copies only be increased for your main dmg and skill dmg, no buffs no attributes , only debuffed in target affect ,hit not be count in corsair flag achieve 100 hits. only your clones/
2 one knockdown can cancel skill casted of your clones and you.
3 for effective dmg you only have 20 second and can be filled with skill other classes and wait 30 second for another charge of dmg with your clones.
4 skill mokuton make you force move close to your the attacker when avoid the suicide.
5 set up for clones require like 2 second and postion requires 2 second too or less if u have practice.
6. attributes and gems only affect you not your clones only mijin ART be affect by skill factor increased by attributes.

that all i know. enjoy