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How to be a RANGDA

observation: main aoe dmg
1 high aoe ratio and dmg overtime 2 skills are RAWA and LUKA
2 buff PEN YERA PAN give dmg and with ART SKILL give heal depend about debuffed enemys around you.more enemys more heal.
3 one perfect CC KUTUKAN for pvp and dmg turn enemy in keppa receive dmg 4s half in pvp and during time give dmg around chaotic target kepa debuff.
4 nice aoe control debuff KELETHIAN less evasion accuracy and critical resist cast 100% of time
5 barong can steal buffs sad only duration 10-20 secs
6 main dmg skills are STRIKE type

no iframe or skill with lifesaver.
no skill with buff like mobility or buff like help you in battle.NO BUFF u only have debuff mainly.
only strike dmg no synergy with common classes like assa or bm

thats all… i like in pvp and gtw control area and nice cc i love it.

I think it has synergy with Assa luka+ piercing heart

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piercing heart increase rate of your char demolisher attribute any class can be benefit with that and skill heart arrest debuff xD but is good to know xD

I really like the new class, is good in PvE and PvP, but Assa is a must if you want to do good single target DPS, Luka+Piercing heart destroy anything.

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Corsair / Sin / Rangda 》 Bossing
Linker / Sin / Rangda 》 Mobbing/PVE or GTW
Rogue or Outlaw / Sin / Randga 》PVP
Trauma / Corsair / Randga 》Farming

PEN YERA PAN it is good ??