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How to Activate Steam Guard In-game

Greetings, saviors

Here’s the guideline for Saviors that cannot apply Steam Guard status to the trade grade in-game.
Please activate Mobile Steam Guard by following these steps.

  1. Install Steam Application in your cell phone
  2. Select Steam Guard in the left tab
  3. Click ‘Add Authenticator’
  4. Select the Country and enter your phone number
    (※Caution: It is recommended to register by your own cell phone number.)
  5. Verify Email by sending and confirming the confirmation email
  • This page will show up when the the email is successfully verified
  1. Enter the SMS code sent to your email
  2. Remember your Recovery Code
  3. Activate Mobile Steam Guard

If your Steam Guard status is still not applied in the in-game after activating Steam Guard in both the Web and Mobile, please send us a ticket.
3 Screenshots must be included in the ticket.

  1. Activation status of Mobile Steam Guard (Example;)
  2. Status of Manage steam guard.
  3. Trade grade of yourself in-game (Example;)
    Thank you.

i followed the instruction i still get the same result you guys can’t fix this problem you made me spend 20k pesos for a smartphone for it downloaded the game for 80 hours 26 hours of non stop bombardment of daily error you guys are ■■■■■■■ mongoloids!!! whats the point of using a phone authenticator in the game if its a pc game!!! do you have any brains at all?? your rmt is far worst than any other game and im a new player for this game but you just shutdown all the fun when im starting even your supports are dumb and incompetent an actual issue they can’t resolve and they complained why i curse alot well check thet details on your support on how many tickets and hours i’ve been waiting to get this fix!!!you guys proved me that this game is dying and supports are not willing to make this game any better!!! i posted my last 5 tickets im uninstalling the game if i don’t have this fix you guys are incompetent in handling real problems!!! my steam is ok in other mmos only in this game requires a phone for authenticator even with phone its still the same!!!

You don’t need to do this AT ALL.

  1. Activate Steam Guard via email
  2. In Steam properties, just add your phone number to the “phone number” area
  3. Wait for SMS confirmation
  4. Enter code
  5. That’s it

i already did that and its only infuriating me bro the support is not helpful i verified it with steam its with the game itself thats why im waiting for my tickets to be answered if i still get the same response ill just uninstall tos its not worth the effort this game is good but the guys who handle the game sucks!!

what if you dont have a smart phone :sad:

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you only need the code that is sent through sms. :stuck_out_tongue: ask your friend/mom’s number.

That is literally the point. I don’t understand why you’re still having issues though. And to be clear it only affects field farming. You can play the game pretty normally without one, you’ll just cap out on how much you can farm an hour. If you’re having other issues with getting in the game it would have nothing to do with this.

I’ve had a few other people tell me you do not need to go through these steps, but the game did not recognize the authenticator until I did the whole thing.

bro i bought a smart phone for that authenticator and it did’t work you got my point your another moron that will post something without reading the whole content like the previous support that handled my case

and i got the same response with the support i don’t need any apology i want this fix or i can just uninstall the game its only a waste of time the game is not even that good only the sprite is! and i can see more afk players than active players in this game whats the point of that authenticator or multi whatever if its not even working at all!!! RMT also in this game is far worst no wonder alot of players are quiting poor support + poor security i can see this server also encountered the worst ddos attacks and im pretty sure the mobile authenticator that they are shoving all players to do is already compromised and if yer phone is connected to yer credit card good bye money i already contact steam and its not in their end its on tos itself anyway some guy will reply again here then post some random things without reading the whole content of the message!!! THE AUTHENTICATOR IS NOT WORKING ON MY TOS ACCOUNT EVEN WITH A MOBILE DEVICE!!!

i would like to thank the wonderful support team of this company for not helping me or resolving my issue i already uninstall the game my time money effort to fix this steam guard daily limit silver thing is not worth it your game is dying anyway its not worth playing if this kind of supports are still around this game can be better if you all change your support team to a competent supports even with the steam mobile authenticator its still the same and the support team in this website doesn’t know how to read THE PROBLEM IS WITH THE GAME ITSELF!!! your steam guard mobile won’t get activated even with a smart phone on my account!!! no wonder hackers takes advantage of your lousy support anyway more hard drive space for me

Hello savior!
If you don’t have a cell phone, please send us a ticket.
Thank you.

This gave me my daily share of unstoppable laughing… :haha:
And I think I’ve broken my record.

Me neither. Unless it’s something like an area problem where the phone numbers are not recognized. What is even weirder is that Steam says the problem doesn’t come from their side, but from the game’s side.

The only problem is that when you reach the cap, you get constant spam of popups that warns you that you can’t pick up silver, just like when you try to wander around with full weight and you stumble upon items you can’t pick up. This makes the game unplayable.

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told you the support in this game are morons they don’t know how to read and they don’t know how to fix the issue

tested and it worked, thank you.

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same problem happened to me

Ok, So i had this problem and submitted a ticket. tho the ticket sent me to here not knowing that this guide was what i fellowed before… not bothered a case of the whatevers. BUT still had the problem of it NOT flagging the in game account as activated with the steam guard active. (IE: the Trade Grade in game not showing the mark for “use steam guard”.)
So I thought since other’s have said there is a 15 day setup timer for steam guard when the first activated it. i figured id wait it out and maybe see. (no i don’t think that’d work.)
Ok so that was my problem with that.

SECONDLY: i was having a weird pop up saying “Broken DLL files: TosSteamClient.dll” but i just kept sweeping it under the rug as i could just hit space and it’d go away.
but time knew i would get bothered by it and i wanted to see if i could get it to go away. luck has it i could. and it was under the steams properties for the game under DLC and i had to check mark w/e DLC there was. ok as both of them where marked easy solved fixed. verified the files anyways and done. load up the game and bam. NOT FIXED. ok well im going to be cross eyed while i type this “well what if i load the game with those DLC’s un marked” so i did. might as well create the issue to solve the issue…
it worked. got rid of the DLL issue AND the “Use Steam Guard” in trade grade. try that guys.

PS: sorry for the long winded explanation but this was dumb to figure out.

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From bad to worse, I have had to log in with a social network account, since my own account that I had from this forum seems to have been evaporated. In another order of things, I was bored and had nothing to do, so to kill time I started playing …

So surprise! Silver limit? I wouldn’t have bothered if it wasn’t for the message that appears in the center of the screen, is there no way to remove it? Any addon? It’s not that I don’t know how to activate this and I don’t have a mobile phone, it’s something simple …

Privacy, my phone number is absolutely PERSONAL and I am not going to give it to Steam, Google, Facebook (my phone is prepaid and I have completely cut off Internet access to avoid these legal but illegal things that many companies practice) or whoever it is to that they traffic and make money with the information; my account uses Steam Guard with email validation and I am not going to trade it for one or two stupid games.

Now I understand why ToS is a dead game (other issues and features aside). If it was for security in the Steam account, everyone is responsible for theirs (not giving passwords or login just like that, as well as placing a secure password that is not 1234 … And if it is stolen, it is your fault; that people are idiots when uploading their personal photos, bank accounts, etc. and not taking care of their access, is their thing).

No hacker for years that I have taken an account from me, it is simple, secure and long password (and if you change it several times from time to time and log off, better; nobody should hack you if you don’t have anything very important) … This smells of private information trading. If it was for bots, the typical screen code every certain random (from one hour to four) time would have been enough to hunt them down.

And to think that I once invested money …