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How should i use Enchant Scrolls?


I have 6 ES with 4 days to expire and i never enchanted a headgear before. How should i do it for a min-max/endgame/optimization outcome?


Its Random. Use them on Hats you like.

On trade-able Hats, in case you get something awesome that is worth a lot. You’ll hate yourself if you cant sell that ever.

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I usually have 2 of the same headgear I love and keep alternating every time I get something good in one of them, so I don’t ruin it with bad luck :confused:

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Hmm, so what i should go for stats is situational from class to class right?


Yes depends, for most builds

HP (1500-2100) + Physical Damage or Magic Damage (90-120)

is pretty good.

Or try get Crit, CritAttack, MoveSpeed, whatever your char needs. But its ‘hard’ to get many good rolls.