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How much longer to wait?

I am a Russian translator of the TOS game.
Already for 5-6 months there are no edits on the,
other languages ​​were not updated even more time.
I wrote technical support on March 10
imc_Staff does not respond 31 days (sometimes it is online)
As we have stated on your previous tickets, we appreciate feedback coming from players. These opinions means a lot to us. Though we did not guarantee that this will be implemented, rest assured that your concern will receive proper attention from us.
I decided to write on May 22
Github repositories not updated for more than 5 months
I myself am the administrator of the Russian-speaking group on Tree of Savior.
Other languages ​​are not updated either (
You can do something or explain this situation.
Unfortunately, we are unable to further assist you regarding your concern since we only cater game inquiries for Tree of Savior.
Then to whom to write? and what should I do in this situation?
Then they say that they did not promise it.
Now they cannot help me in this problem.
I just want to hear a normal answer (

I do not want to seem toxic or bad person)
I want to hear a normal answer

@STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Bob @GM_Francis


I am translate to Spanish, i have a many Pull Request in Github, all of the translation are very very Outdated, and if you dont know about the game, these files dont work now!!


That’s very unfortunate. I’m following the whole discussion, and it seems that IMC just, either disappeared or abandoned its own Contributors, that spend hours of their life to make the Game be available in foreign Languages (for free).

And now, the Staff doesn’t even bother in answering us, the people that want to Contribute. The repositories are months outdated. The Staff doesn’t answer on Discord. There’s no moderation at all happening.

And on the Support Tickets, they don’t even bother in giving proper answers.

This is very disrespectful. But hopefully, the Staff could answer us here, with some proper explanations…

In other words. The translators/contributors are the people that make the experience in:

  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • And other foreign languages, be possible. Without us, the game isn’t properly translated.

And you (players) may have noticed that the Translations (In-Game) are very outdated In most of the Languages.

Please support us by liking this Thread. And letting IMC know that we want an answer.


I’m from the portuguese-br community and same thing as already explained by the members of other languages. They gave us “channels” to get feedback but they aren’t answering any of them. I even opened a topic some days ago and it was deleted. Asked for any feedback on the translation discord and nothing. The content for translating in this game is huge and the more time they take to give us the correct updated files, more time we will take to make the translation and correction on any errors or misspelling. We just want to have a feedback of any kind. Please answer us IMC.


I’ve been asking myself, if IMC did nothing with the Chaplain bug and the bug is serious. Chaplain has bug more than one month. So IMC really will do something about the translation?
Please GM, don’t tell me to send a ticket. I do it every week.


Still waiting for any type of answer from IMC and staffs @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Bob @GM_Francis


Jesus… :frowning: :frowning:

Just do what the CN/TW/HK community is doing on iToS. They translate the language files themselves, share it on a website/discord for other users to download and use the translated files.

IIRC the translations are kept in an xml file on the client no? Can’t we simply edit the file ourselves? Because I’m tired of the half-baked translation of episode 12 with at least a typo or a grammar error in each sentence…

it’s .tsv file

yes, you can. /shortanswer

More advice

and you may need so-called ‘diff tool’ program to checking files without too much pain. or even setting up local git, but might be too far.

Many people do not want to download and install a language

Yeah its up to the community :man_shrugging:
Contributor translates files > uploads in a zip. You just manually patch it, dont see how difficult it is

Since you cannot push anything via the official git due to the inactivity, why not just manually do it.

Leaving a comment here to show my support for the translation communities that work hard to make Tree of Savior a great game. I sincerely hope that IMC is able to address your concerns and work with you all.

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I did the same, and few used the translation, because the players were too lazy to download.
I have no problems with editing files and publishing translations, just ims do not want to continue supporting the translation.
I already wrote in a post that at first they said that they did not promise this, then they said that they did not deal with such issues.
After the introduction of the Russian language into the game, the Russian players were happy)

My suggestion? Abandon this. The dev don’t care about who cares about the game… they even don’t know we content creators exist (translators, YouTubers, Streamers…). They really don’t care.

Another suggestion: don’t invest more money in this game. The dev. don’t deserv.


I know this, it’s sad (

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