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How much bots do you think you could ban in one day if you were a GM?

if it were me, probably hundreds lol

if the GM’s actually played the game for leisure and just went to the popular grinding and farming spots,with their characters…

bots would be slaughtered by the hundreds lol.

GM’s y u no play ur own gaem.


Not sure how many, but if I was to do my job properly, probably enough to make them see it’s not worth trying to RMT in this game.


I’d probably ban like 15-20 a day depending on work schedule. It’s not like GMs come to work to just ban bots all day. I’m sure they have other responsibilities to fulfill.

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3 I find randomly… am too lazy to be a GM :expressionless: the long ass reports give me goosebumps :pensive:

they do tech support and customer service, but… i think it would be wise if another team was assembled just to kill botters all day, because its very clearly a problem atm, even then GM’s should atleast play the game they are GM’ing regularly, i dont see an indication of GM’s being active in game at all.

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I’m curious to know what are these “responsabilities”.

They do? When issues happen I only see other players at least trying to help make the game work for some unfortunate ones.
The max I ever saw was them pasting a link for this.

Otherwise it’s only “We apologize for the inconvenience, please send us a ticket for further help.” and God knows when or if they will ever help the poor soul.

We already talked about this, it’s not hard to have a shift schedule with all these GMs out there, 1 hour shift every 6 hours just for banning bots is not so time consuming imo.

Then again, that big of a window time will not stop them from botting, so 1 hour every 3 hours (8 shifts 2 per GM if 4 doing so).

that’s just a general statement on what GM’s do
i have no idea if the GM’s we have here are more tech support / customer service oriented than actually being GM’s lol.

We actually have CMs (the ones here at the forums) and GMs (the in-game ones, 1 per server I or region I think).

I just don’t know what the GMs do when they aren’t in game.

probably QA or tech support
GM’s do more ■■■■ these days
it used to be strictly “cops of the game”

but now they are more like receptionists with slightly more power lol

I would camp hot spots with invisible characters and attempt to hardware ban them.

if it were me probably i wouldnt even have a chance to play due my hatred toward bots, would be banning them until im pretty sure none of them pops again and im so just random with my schedule to play the game so owners would have a big trouble trying to predict when im going to hop in channel.

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It’s like they’re not even trying without player reports

god I can’t believe even ragnarok 2 has better bot management than tos

same, our GM’s need this kind of mentality

but, the only way for our GM’s to develop vengeful hatred towards bots is to play the game and experience the frustration of dealing with them lol.

I think the GMs should simply make a bot to ban bots :wink:

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