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How many times velcoffer died yesterday night

I am curious on the total amount.:satisfaction:

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Over 9000. (Inb4 lul, ded meme)
Seriously, I’ve never seen as many velcoffer parties as today. I made 4 runs just by myself.

let say we have 400 active veteran last night. so we can have 80 pt/runs at the same time in 8-12h. let say 20m per run
So 80 x 24 to 80 x 36 run. Or 1920 to 2880 runs.

so many, to the point that velcoffer’s nest & tevhrin 5f ch crashed last night :rofl:

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Rest well Velco, starting today you’ll die a lot less per week.

Til they made you drop double cube again and reset before maintenance.

Some people in the guild made 14 runs yesterday. Then joined Boruta. Then Feud. And if that wasn’t enough, went for Ignas raids.

In the meantime, a fool had to go to work…

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I was shocked it’s like ch1 - 63, ch2 - 54 something.
gg velcoffer

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