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How long generally pass to answer a ticket?

Hi, I did post a ticket, earlier today, what is the average answer time?

They generally take less than 24 hours. The team is in Korea, and it’s only 7 am there, so give it a little bit of time.

that depends on the type of answer.
Robotic answers of the same copy-pasta usually come fast, with no action visibly taken afterwards.

Specialized answers can take longer, but might solve the problem in the end (might take months,though, since non-account specific bugs/issues usually will get solved in KTOS first and then come via patch transfer about 2-3 months later to iTOS).

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I’ve had three serious issues I submitted tickets about. All three times were a series of ridiculous, scripted replies with stuff like asking for screenshots of things you can’t possibly take one of (like my lv 2 Vaivora inchor that disappeared-what do want me to screenshot, its gone). They all ended with “We have forwarded this further investigation” then closed the ticket. Once 2 years ago they got back to me. The other two times I never heard anything again. My point I guess is you need a great deal of patience dealing with it. Unless it’s a payment issue or a known issue they can just rely to you about I wouldn’t have any faith in it. Good luck.

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Boilerplate/Template/Robotic/Useless reply within 24 hours,

if it TP-related might even got faster human response :wink:

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