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How is the Rogue BD after the patch?

I’m playing in asian server, and we didn’t have the rebalance patch yet. I a Shinobi;Rogue;Assassin BD PVP player in my server. I’m very concerned about the Rogue stun nerf, since my burst damage really depended on the stun from backstab. And since they nerfed both the assassin’s stun duration (3sec -> 1sec) it’s harder to relocate and execute a nice backstab from the back and the backstab only have a duration of 2.85 sec stun from the back. I don’t think I can pull of a combo with my bunshin in PVP. And as I remember, the CC in the PVP enviroment will have a 40% deduct, which brings the stun duration down to a 1.7 sec from the back. That’s a disaster to the whole BD.

Any Rogue player there? Can you tell me how’s the patch affected you?