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How good is swordsman at dealing 140k hp damage in burst?

Think at this point I’d rather be highlander 1 but it’s whatever, swash is still useful when the level cap gets lifted I suppose. I’m holding out on them changing the skill a bit more though

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Ah, ok. Thanks for the reply.

Hopefully they’ll lower the atk penalty as well.

spin 2 win is what are you looking for!

heeeyyy wut addon is that keeping you tracked of skill cooldowns?
me want that one! :heart_eyes:

you kinda need to be a hoplite c3 dragoon for that.

hop2 should be enough no idea why go for c3 when you only need lunge for dmg amplification and what is dragoon for…? correct me if im wrong but you can’t use hexen with two handed weapons

“cooldown tracker”

how much crit rate do you have?

On topic, my Doppel2 can deal 100k+ with Pouncing, though its not burst plus you’ll need Pain Barrier to maximize the damage without interruption.

! i found it but not on the addon manager… aaand i can’t seem to make it work, downloaded the files and put them on my folders but it doesn’t load or anything… i think im doing something wrong here… can you instruct me via pm me how you installed it? thanks!

hoplite c3 doppel c1 dragoon is stronger than hexen :smiley: have you ever seen stabbing with a 2h spear?
a dragoon with a hoplite build and a lvl 15 finnestra with full str can basic attack for 3k+

… im talking about lunge-hexen and you’re talking about stabbing?.. smh…what are you trying to prove here…?


you know what nvm i know where you’re coming from ROFL

he was asking about the strongest swordsman build in pve
hoplite dragoon is stronger than a corsair how does it not make sense?

I may as well just post unbuffed everything since I’ve gotten a few questions like this

Strongest? Im pretty sure he’s looking for a similar build with his archer meaning something that can “burst” not as “fast” as his archer does but somehow “close” go read what he posted above

So now that you’ve read what he said do you think you’re stabbing is up to what he’s looking for? I suggested hexen not only because its the fastest skill on swordsman arsenal atm but is also considered as the strongest skill in swordsmen kit even more better with its 2 overheats, So i dont know why you have to reply to me and tell me that you’re stabbing is better when we all know that stabbing is effin slow and holds you in place for sometime to deal that damage. lol do you really play sword class…? and if we’re to talk about strongest = meaning highest burst damage right? try to beat shinobi’s bunshin-lunge-kunai burst, I didn’t include it in my post as it requires sometime to prepare since OP’s asking for a “fast” and “strong” burst which simply describes hexen to me

that is with max peta and 2 sissels? dam crit rate so high. u gonna wreck sht when epee stance comes. i can only manage 272 crit rate. are you satisfied with how often you proc your crit?

Nah I use glad bands
Very satisfied, in fact maybe too satisfied. If we ever get stat resets I’ll probably try out a lot lower dex and higher str and see how it is

any clip of what hexen looks like in action?

In comparison, this is how I’m farming up the higher level hp monsters currently

cleaner example

this is pretty insane actually, not as strong as my fletcher but daamn that surprised me.
i still think hoplite c3 dragoon is your best bet at dealing such high damage from a swordsman, a full str hoplite with a lvl 15 finnestra using 2h spear and crit rate gear can probably do 150k with a lvl 15 stabbing. (for a hoplite full str i would get crit rate gear, no reason to buy crit attack on a full str build)

hey, i’d like to show you my own but my computer just got ■■■■■■ up yesterday, my brother accidentally spilled his sake over my computer when he was drunk hopefully apple can do something about it lol., anyways hexen works like assassin’s sonic blow more faster if you have no fps and ping issues using the lunge-hexen combo its total damage can reach 100k or maybe even more, but for that to happen you have to invest so much on you’re sword like i said it requires 60-70% attribute enhancement plus good gears like gladiator bands or maybe sissel procs plus head costumes 1,2,3 with phy atk/elem atk and you’re target has to be a leather type mine has bonus damage against large/medium types as i use brandish/karacha dagger as my weapons both are +8 atm im not quite sure how hexen’s damage formula works since both hands are used in this skill you should take a look at this formula understanding it would help you’re swords dps alot since swords can use all types of attacks slash,pierce and strike all of these can be found in sword ranks

Deals 50% additional damage against cloth armor.
Suffers a 25% damage penalty against plate armor.
Suffers a 25% damage penalty against ghost armor, like all physical damage types.

Deals 50% additional damage against leather armor.
Suffers a 25% damage penalty against cloth armor.
Suffers a 25% damage penalty against ghost armor, like all physical damage types.

Deals 50% additional damage against plate armor.
Suffers a 25% damage penalty against leather armor.
Suffers a 25% damage penalty against ghost armor, like all physical damage types.

here’s a video i found on youtube to show you how hexen dropper works

the first multi hit skill used was hexen dropper it was used twice in this video
the second multi hit skill used was pierce
the last multi hit skill used wherein a button UI appeared is the skill being said by @razm2888 which is stabbing

oh yeah also make use of squire’s weapon maintenance to increase you’re overall DPS, sacrament buff works great with double weapon assault even more better if you’re head costumes has holy property attacks, ok that’s all i can say for now gtg, im playing pokemon go until apple fixes my computer… see ya!