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(How) does Shield Guard work?

How does the Shield Guard attribute (Peltasta, Murmillo, Rodelero, Paladin) work? Pressing C brings up the shield anyway? Or were only these classes able to block in the past and now all classes can block?
Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 6.27.41 PM

Damage reduction from blocking is 30%. If your shield is up, it becomes 60%.

It may also influence the maximum chance to block attacks, but I’m not certain.

Not every class can hold C to bring up their guard.

While you do the “press C to block” it do increase your “block stats” making your chance to block bigger.

I see, thanks for the replies. That makes sense.

Is shield guard supposed to have the blue visual shown below? At present when I block I get the same animation as before advancing to Paladin - though I haven’t tested if the damage reduction is higher now.