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How do you people get a higher gear score? Any tips?

I’m a ele-tao-rune caster, and my gear score is 435 at the moment with +9 vasilisa trans10 / botanic acessories 2021 + botanic 2021 seal + level 6 thunder ark … any tips are welcome.

If there are mistypes/I take sometime to answer, I was using my cellphone and my lunch break to type, sorry! XD

-replace botanic with luciferi/boruta seal 3
-add vaivora and overload ichor set

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done! Thanks! :grinning:

So easy and I didn’t think of it. Helped a lot!

To know the exact points you need simply multiply the target score by 13 and subtract all your cumulative gear score (bracelet1 bracelet2 necklace seal top bottom glove boots ark main1 main2 sub1 sub2)

I was wondering how they came up with the GS of 470 for normal endgame content. But in fact this is easy to come by using the “freebies” from current event:

  • x8 Goddess equipment using the free enhancement stones to make them +5/+6 and free enchant jewels; free Vaivora on your main weapon, Galimive on everything else; free set (Sauk, Balinta)
  • x3 Drakonas accessories, enchant as needed (my score was 469 at the end, only had to put a +5 on those)
  • free level 6 ark

All I was missing is a level 2 Boruta seal, which is quite easy to get now…