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How do you make shinobi build in 2021?

How do you make shinobi build in 2021? which class synergies well with shino? how to balance DPS between AOE and bossing in shino build?

I hate to say this but it’s the same thing for almost all scout builds, pair with clown and assassin. Can actually go pistolero with shin/assassin/bm… Both combos decent in bossing and AoE. But it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to go your desired way. Rougue, outlaw, ardito, rangda, linker are still pretty decent.

can you share skill build for clown-assassin and rangda-rogue version?
i tried shino-BM with both vaivora shino and vaivora BM, gameplay isnt fun, too much switching weapon.

Skill builds heavily depends on the playstyle you like, the skills you like using and the purpose of the character. Skills that suck should be pretty obvious and shouldn’t be learned/maxed. Take for example, BM has napalm bullet and BO. Both have similar DPS, only thing is napalm is better with bossing, BO is with AoE. This reply is also the long version of “i ‘m not good with shinobi but i’ ve seen it work for plenty of people”