How do you finish this build?


Hello beautiful people of the mother tree!

Like many others, I’m excited to get back to ToS with the re: Build. I played a few years ago at the time of the launch and then stopped because lack of time.
Now I want to go back. However, I would like to complete the solo story on my first char (I have not done this before).

I’m thinking about this build:

The idea is to get to the max lv playing solo. After that, I’ll start thinking about the other aspects of the game with other chars.

  • Cleric for heal sustain;
  • PD to have a bit of dps;
  • Exorcist to combo with PD plus increase dps;

My biggest doubt is the last choice. I have three thoughts:

  1. I will need more sustain / heal = priest or paladin
  2. I will need more dps = druid (matk)
  3. I will need both because the build is wrong :frowning:

How can I finish it?

I must say that I like working with skills and I would like a build aimed at this.

Obs. I have seen in how the stats varies after selecting the last class. For example: if I chose Paladin, most stats balance around 200. On the other hand, if I end with druid, I will have 300 int.
How accurate is the guru and how important it is?

  1. Go with priest and you can be anywhere.
  2. Even go to Druid won’t increase your dps that much. But still better dps than miko/sadhu/krivis.
  3. ?

Reference to Jan 15th patch note for stat distribute. (List open > Stat)


thanks for the help :slight_smile:
I’ll read the link. I already read others.

I think 1 will suit better. I thought the druid would be good for boosting the dps, cause I could turn the monsters into plant type. I assumed that would cause them to suffer more fire damage.


Plants type have crazy crit res which make you harder to crit on them, so it actually nerf yourself a lot.


Good to know!

You helped me a lot! Thank you :slight_smile:


They just implemented an attribute to remove plant type change last patch so Druid will not nerf your build at all. Most of your damage increase will come from half-lycan.


That’s true! The undo plant att
The magic dmg bonus from human-lycan is just 11%. More sustein seems to worth more.


I’m thinking about Oracle. I’ll have Death Sentence to increase damage, Twist of Fate to finish some boring mob. As a bonus, I still earn Foretell, Divie Might and Arcane Energy.


Oracle is good. But you gotta be smart using Arcane Energy. For best use of it you gotta press all your buttons at once before the Arcane Energy buff ends. Skills like Rubrik only take time of yours and are not worth using during arcane energy.

Be smart and it will be a good option, yes.