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How do we get past event costumes?

I see that some special costumes are no longer available, how do we get access to them? Specifically, I want to buy the special crusader costume that was available upon release of this class.

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Not sure, but there is a guy in the beauty shop upstairs that sell class specific costumes. Perhaps its there? Or it might be a quest costume u get from the class master?

he didn’t have all the costumes. Do class masters even sell costumes?

Afaik we never got special costumes for crusader, rangda, blossom, terra and arba unfortunately.

How can I get this costume then?

You can’t. They didn’t release it afaik. ( I could be wrong too but I never saw anyone in those costumes not just crusa but the other “new” classes so… )

What about the special costume quests like this one?

Those exist.

Don’t expect too much consistency with imc. For some reason they didn’t release them…and also they never considered making some for the old classes.

They also stopped with the “c3” costumes that gave special effects for some skills for some classes…

Most likely they focus on other things what is good but still sad… Why they didn’t release costumes that seemed to be rdy tho… idk…

I found these costumes from the class master costume quest (which is super difficult). Still, it would be nice to get the crusader costume somehow…

Found the relevant post. Any idea how to get these items again? I need the crusader decency costume. Can I buy it from another player?

They were never get released since the 1st day crusader patched to iTOS.

Do you know what the problem was