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How do I get Mystic Tome pages?

I’m a new player and still getting familiar with game mechanics. How do I get mystic tome pages during early game? All guides seem outdated. I need to unlock a few arts of my class.

Legend Raids are your best sources.

For newbies, earth tower and velcoffer should be very easy. They still drop at a chance though, you either get attribute points, or mystic tome pages.

IIRC they also drop in uphill VH and misrus once you get more geared.

it’s right on main page guide.

Plus two every week from WBR (iirc the damage threshold for them is quite low).

Chance from raids is still really low, probably well less than 1/10 chance. Chance from Goddess Grace is roughly 1/80, you need to spend a lot of silver to get any and also be online when the even happens.

Basically your best bet is to buy them off the market. They should be quite cheap now.

Thanks for your replies, guys. I did read the guide, but as I’m new I didn’t really understand what the content was. Also I couldn’t find how to start hunting ground solo raids. Anyway, it seems that there is only a chance to get those… I did end up buying it from the TP shop, it’s indeed quite cheap and super useful!

press F10

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easiest to farm is with goddess grace nowadays bs/magic stone and yeah tome pages XDD

other way is to just buy them from market which is pretty cheap actually …

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the easiest way now is doing et/velco.