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How do I get cards?

Hey. The few cards I have are from back in the time they were quest rewards…2 centuries ago i think. Other than my SOR’s templeshooter, still haven’t equipped cards and I’ve no idea how to obtain them, let alone level them with even more cards.

I’m a solo player and only been doing quests and other non-bossy stuff so far. Thought Dungeons were supposed to drop cards but…seems not?

Any tip is appreciated.

Lvl dungeon cubes and saalus still drop cards, also bosses in request office mission can drop them to the ground altought the drop is pretty low. But most people farm in hunting grounds for card albums and do card album parties to open them.

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You mean like lvl 50 dungeon?

Haven’t done the other stuff yet, i’ll look into them thx.

level dungeon.card for the exact one you need if you unlucky