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How do I craft premium exp tome recipe?

Again a noob question… but I searched around and couldn’t get an answer…

As you can see, I have all itens needed to craft, but it’s not on craft list… and I even tried just to right click on it :joy::joy::joy: cuz who knows? Maybe it would work since it’s premium item?

Anyway :sweat_smile: plz, can someone guide me on this?

You only have 3 tomes…

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I knew it was something dumb, but this :joy::joy:

Not justifying myself, but that 3/1 is what made me confused … they should put 3/4 :upside_down_face:

Thx for replying such a dumb question :kissing_heart:

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Lol…don’t worry about it…it happens :grin: