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How do I change my main class?

So I just came back. My character used to be a Schwartzreither but that class has been moved to the scout class. How do I change from Archer to Scout ?

Go to Klaipeda and find the Kupole NPC, should be near the left of the goddess statue.

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What’s a Kupole ? I honestly don’t see anyone on the left of the statue

The angels/goddess assistants. It should be a little more to the left just above that brown tent. If it’s not there, then you might have already logged in after rebuild and let the 30 days elapse.

Its impossible to change your main class unless you create a new character.

The NPC stays exactly 30 days starting from the first time you connect back since re:build started at the beginning of the year. If you logged in already before during the year, the NPC will have disappeared. The only option left is either carry on with your character as an Archer and pick a new build (you can probably recycle your old stuff except your pistol), or delete your character and start from scratch as a Scout (get your old stuff back, use returning savior boost pack to re-level to 330, reequip your old stuff and carry on – should not be hard to catch up with the current level-up system).