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How can i upgrade or add points to ARTS(enhance upgrade of limacon)


help appreciated thanks

i cant add points to this ARTS (LIMACON)

With Art Books (5 Blessed Gems and 2 Tome Pages or Event ones) = ((5x29)+(2x29))
= 145 Blessed Gems and 58 Tome Pages.
And around of 150.000 Attribute Points.


You also need to go to your base class master (In this case the Scout master) to increase the level of your enhanced upgrade attributes and ARTS.

These are hard times to be enhancing arts, we lucky ones were unfortunate enough to lv.20 during the beloved age where we got 5bg a day and they cost 400k++ on the market. Idk why imc didn’t consider these scenarios. Goodluck to you buddy.

I agree with you hope they return it back its really hard to get it now.

oh i see… thankyou guys for the reply… going to check later! cheers