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How are we supposed to play with this INSANE LAG on CM?!

Date and Time : 10/09/2018, 21:01 Server Time
Server Name: Silute
Team Name: xHeez
Character Name:
Bug Description :
CM Lag
Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Play CM on a crowded map
  2. Experience more than 10 seconds of delay

Screenshots / Video :

Game Control Mode : Keyboard


  • CPU : Intel Core i7-4710MQ @ 2.50GHz
  • RAM : 8GB
  • Graphics Card : Geforce GTX 860M
  • Mainboard : Intel
  • Storage : 1TB + 256GB sdd
  • OS : Windows 10 Home
  • Internet Connection : 20mbps
  • Country, Region : Brazil

I swear I try to give ToS a chance, but this is unbearable. You can notice the lag when the animation of the carving statues repeat twice, the ‘tic’ of my chortasmata/rubric is super slow

Nothing brings the love like been frozen while your team dies slowly before your eyes…

Hello hei_1!

Our development team is continuously monitoring the latency of the servers. As such, we are consistently improving the game system to lessen any latency issues. For now, we would like to advise that you lower your graphic settings as this may improve the performance of the game.

Thank you for playing Tree of Savior!

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You have nothing to monitor here… Just ask the devs to check the code merge for Sept 4 and see which part has been overwritten.

You guys are doing CM in a super heavy populated map with hard hitting monsters on the highest level. There are easier maps that’ll get you more xp efficiently. It’s just like in saucys. And it won’t lag like in Spell tome.

Lower graphics settings on my 1070ti, 16 gb ram, i7 7700. Yeah okay bud.

This literally has nothing at all to do with graphics, this is a server related issue. Hopefully your maintenance fixed this it, because I’m so sick of this random lag.

Its not just Spell Tome CM that has bad lag, yeah its not nearly as bad in others, but it still can be really lagy. You can also just be walking in random maps and rubber band multiple times too.

I cant imagine that many people running CM in Starry Town…

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really insane delay lag in any cm, on 7 stage its more insane lag, and lower settings cant fix this

I just had what can only be considered a nightmare…


it was unreal…

I cant believe I even started the game…

m… maybe it was all in my mind…

maybe instead f the game crashing at the end of that hell…

it wasn’t a VGA error, it was me waking up…