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How am I supposed to upgrade Vaivora Vision to level 4 now?

The upgrade requires a copy of the original vision. Seeing how low the chance to get a vision and how many different there are… it’s totally hopeless. I was under the impression that the reset box you get from events allowed you to extract a vision from one you already have registered and get another of your choice, but it’s a register voucher that you get, so it’s possible to register a new vision but not possible to upgrade an existing one.

How long you’ve been around?
Do it the imc way
Wait til they release another powercreep like vv lv 8 or another gimmicky weapon upgrade
That way they will trivialize vv lv 4 like dirt

Get another “real” vision item, extract your level 3 vision, use the ticket to add a level 3 of the “real” one you own to the storage, now you can make a level 4 one. Extract the level 4 and use the ticket to obtain the one you wanted to begin with.

It’s so true. The way imc practice trivialize is why i quit the game. Hard effort disrespected they just gave out for free now and then.

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