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Hot Event issues

idk if i do a mistake but… i claim a jumping lvl voucher with my cleric lvl 1 and got lvl 460 with full cards … but can´t get the boost box… i make another char… lvl up to 50… and claim the boost box… box are untradable via team storage? can´t claim the box because my cleric jump to lvl 460? what should i do to get the boost box on my cleric?

Looking at the event page. It seems if you’re not a new or returning player, the box can only be claimed on a character created after the maintenance.

I would send a ticket about the issue.

yeah… but… box are untradable via team storage… and can´t open it because i waste my jumping lvl voucher in my cleric…idk why not claim together… if u use ur voucher 450 and lose the boost box… or waste time to lvl up a new char only for the box. its the same as first box with ark lvl 3… ppl can trade via team storage… why not this time?

Hello therealt130,

Kindly send us a support ticket with details about the matter for us to further investigate your concern.

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