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Hoplite vs matador


  1. AOE: Future Spear throw, 2 OH, high SFR,10s CD, need to aim
  2. bossing: pierce and future stabbing
  3. utility: finestra (like mini ole but longer duration), sharp spear(like mini epee but 30 minute)
  4. arts: petrifying spear throw


  1. AOE: corrida (big hit box, fix 15 target), paso (360°)
  2. bossing: none, future faena cant be 1 second cancelled like present faena, dmg is low
  3. utility: ole (biggest crit rate boost, +10 second with moringponia rapier), paso i-frame, mulleta can reduce CD and absorb skia curse dmg, backslide useful for avoiding stunlocked and reset paso CD, capote aggro boss
  4. arts: fire wall bull

hmm, hard to decide which one is more suitable for jack of all trade build…