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is there a swordman class that has several aoe skills?
would barbarian be good?
what other 2 class does retiarius get?

Your three best options are Dragoon, Barbarian and Murmillo.

I’d generally recommend Dragoon in this build despite its issues, this is because you’ll need more damage skills and it has synergy with Hoplite and Retiarius. Dragoon’s AOE potential is rather lacklustre though.

Barbarian is another option, it has some phenomenal damage buffs, and between Pouncing and Seism, it has some of that AOE you’re looking for. Despite being one of the best Swordsman classes, in this scenario I have some concerns about your rotations lacking enough good offensive skills.

I did include Murmillo in this because the class can stand on its own, and its skills offer some impressive AOEAR.

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what does this mean?

Area of effect attack ratio

I currently enjoy goon-reti-hoplite. Honestly I’d rather swap out hoplite than any of the others because I really dislike the skills. Pierce is slow af and has an annoying sound effect, and Finestra’s duration is just annoying to keep up. Does a lot of damage tho.

Also note that Dagger Finish damage is based on main hand, not your dagger.

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I’m using Hop/Ret/BArb since rebuild started, and after testing other variants many times I still think is the best. Barb gives you amazingly strong buffs that you can have permanently active and very good AOE skills with low CD. Ret gives you som spammable skills, aoe skill, and very good CC, and hoplite good buffs and boss killer skills.