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Hoplite + Dragon

does anyone know a good build with hoplite and dragon??with spear, pvp?

If you want PVP, Retiarius, other possible but in my opinion less optimal options are: Peltasta, Lancer, Templar.

with your combo of Hoplite Dragoon for pvp.

i can suggest Hop-Drag-Retarius (more pvp oriented bcuz of cc skills)
or Hop-Drag-Lancer

thank you i will test

btw, Lancer class needs 2H spear.

Hop-dragoon-retiarius is my personal favorite.

Hop-dragoon-barb is also good, iirc.

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nah what Barbarian - Dragoon - Hoplite after iTos Buffed will be good choice?
can Dragoon with 2handed spear to be good DPS to hunting Dungeon, Uphill, CM.

maybe not will legend raid like Velcoffer or White Crow.
actually B-D-H is my favorite but i so confused what Dragoon will be good to invited in party??

Imo baba goon hop seems the optimised build for dragoon for now. Soon with lancer update, I think dragoon lancer and hop/baba for 3rd class is better with the new armor ignore/break. Hard to say which is better for barb vs hop but for dragoon focus, lancer definitely the 2nd class to pair.