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Homophobic - Defamation

  • Reason for report : Homophobia against my loading screen

  • Server : Silute

  • Team Name : Nabudis

  • Location : Personal Chat

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 06:06 pm

  • Evidence !

Translation for the worst phrases:
Seven at 6:07 pm ; - That loading screen
- its a bad drawing
- and full of gay (stuff? i dont know how to translate the word “viadagem” but it means something gay)
- I’ve need to change to a face of a devil in the games archives
- Okay the game is cute
- But you cant go to satanism stuff, but u can go for a gayer stuff like that

And then at 6:10 he says:

  • Congratulations dude, u made a game thats was made for everyone, that it was already affeminate in a game a lot more AFFEMINATE and even women are scared/troubled with you image.

So…i’ve came here to ask the permanent Ban for the player Seven form de Silute server For Outrage against me and my work, I will put some articles of some laws from Brazil to prove that if the game staff dont ban him they will be equal and supporting such behavior.


    Art. 140 - Injuriar alguém, ofendendo-lhe a dignidade ou o decoro:

    Pena - detenção, de um a seis meses, ou multa.

§ 3o Se a injúria consiste na utilização de elementos referentes a raça, cor, etnia, religião, origem ou a condição de pessoa idosa ou portadora de deficiência:

    Pena - reclusão de um a três anos e multa.

LEI Nº 7.716, DE 5 DE JANEIRO DE 1989.

Art. 20. Praticar, induzir ou incitar a discriminação ou preconceito de raça, cor, etnia, religião ou procedência nacional.

Pena: reclusão de um a três anos e multa


I hope this guy gets perma banned, he did the same to me.

Dawnnn, This guy sucks, plz give a perma ban for him

Thanks for the report. We sent a warning to the offending player and let them know that further sanctions could be applied to their account if they continue to violate our terms. Let us know if this player gives you any more trouble.

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What is the problem? He didn’t like your work and just said his reasons.

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