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[Hold] Spells for Sage Synergy

Sage fan here.

Are there [Hold] spells that do not use the term [Hold] in the tooltip??
If not there seems to be very few instances of “[Hold]” going on at all in-game

I have a Sage>Chrono that I keep swapping 4th class around with.
Currently Sage>Chrono>Onmyoji for the Earth spell’s [Hold] effect on fallen enemies, but I can’t proc that without other players lol

What I really want to know atm is if Pyromancer’s Fire Pillar counts as a [Hold] because I’d probably swap to it, if so.

Tos.neet says “HoldMove true” for the normal Hold debuff, but “HoldMove false” for the Fire Pillar debuff, so I assume it doesn’t count as Hold.

Shield Train from Murmillo and Leghold Trap from Sapper might give Hold debuff too, but I’m not 100% sure if they do. But of course, these also can’t be used without other players.

In my opinion the easiest way to proc Hold debuff is use Drakonas Lynnki set.image

But if all you want is to proc the Sage +30% dmg attribute, just use Slow instead, much more reliable than Hold.

My Sage is Psychokino-Sage-Onmyo, can proc Slow with Heavy gravity, Gravity Pole and Ultimate Dimension, and Hold with Drako Lynnki. (but to be fair Gravity Pole slow can’t be used very well with Sage skills since its a channeling skill)

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<3 Thanks. I had just come back to Sage builds as of the recent change, so I switched my Cryo/Kino/Chrono to the above build.

I find Onmyoji annoying to play, but it does synergize well enough.

Might try Sage/Chrono/Kino next.

-EDIT- Spur of the moment I went Shadowmancer. Will report back :stuck_out_tongue:
-EDIT2- Sage/Chrono/Shadow feels fun, is good for TimeSpaceWizard-RP and the Blackhole blind is enough synergy to keep the Shadowmancer moves doing optimal dmg. Probably not the best build out there though.