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Hogma Battle Boss Fang Not Dropping

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Server Name: Telsiai

Team Name: Shakie

Character Name: ThePriestess

Bug Description :
Hogma Battle Boss Fang NOT DROPPING

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Go to Zachariel Crossroads
  2. Kill Hogma Captains
  3. Kill tons of Hogma Captains for hours

Been farming for hours, still no drop of Hogma Battle Boss Fang despite the 5% drop rate indicated in the website.
I checked on the previous updates, specifically that you removed some items used for recipes. Im not sure if it was included in the removed materials or not since the items removed were not specified.

I just wanted to complete my the Canine Head Decoration, which the Hogma Battle Boss Fang is a material needed for it.

Screenshots / Video :

I just checked the recipe infos in both & tos.neet
and I just noticed that all canine head decoration crafting materials aren’t listed in any monster’s drop list anymore… lol wut

waaa das so sad ;w; thanks for the info shi ;w; i hope they fix it or something ;w; i sent a ticket already ;w; i want this hair costume so much ;w;