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Hit 330 yet ? Afterthought~Lf veterans x inquiry

it’s rough.
many characters = utility
*but a successful game experience = proper and fun way to farm large amount of *silver and enjoy doing so
*to keep up with the market
*And a good Dps Character for pve
*And for pvp [well, pvp is up to you.]

the chances of someone in this forum who i want to find to give me his / her
opinion is very low.
probably i’l never get an answer…or maybe at least i should post it.

but i would like to Bet my chances on a warlock c 2 as a main character for
boss killing, solo dungeon [Optional ], and farming items or/and silver
decent in all aspects but first priority killing monsters for silver[this would only work n maps with high spawn rate], then bosses, then farming items, then solo dungeon<- - - - [for obvious reasons warlock isn’t a class suitabe to Move and dps Well so you woud end up depending on the rest of your build to clear the dungeon.

all this in 1 character.
i’m starting to think this game is too much to handle, and you have to find a character you have to have fun with for a long time, otherwise you won’t get to enjoy this game at all.
[i wish i had been prepared for the rank 8 resets, i coud have tried out ll the classes if i had the characters ready for it :confused: ]
now i finally have all the characters to rank 8 to test with but the event is over, bad joke.

you need so much silver and now getting a trandendent weapon orange or red seems harsh. painful commitment to focus on trancending more than 2 weapons that are red or orange and that is to say more than 1 character that you haven’t even decided to comit on when you don’t even know if you like this char best.

can’t help thinking i would have an easier time having fun if only 1 char was op.
i don’t know what i want to be ON the LONG run, i missed my chance to do so when the rank 8 event was over.

Invocation is the one skill of warlock that i felt [i sort of like this idea + is doable with low fps players]
for aoe when Farming and masterma and pole of agony seemed like pretty good dps.

but invocation doesn’t have a constant aoe Depends on whether or not the constant spawn of spirits can kill the mobs before they dissipate and their dps can keep up with spawn rate.

is there any Player on tree of saviors who Committed to having fun in the game with warlock c2 , who went all the way with trancendental weapons ?
do you actually have fun ?
did you find a way to make invocation useful and have a decently high dps when farming or when surrounded
by mobs.

if not, i would love to hear if there’s a cool way to have fun with invocation or your thoughts overall, really.
lastly, will you continue putting all your silver on investing on this warlock character ?

to not regret spending your time getting Difficult gears on a character you will commit with perhaps can make you into a unique player eventually [that’s how there’ll be less chances of other players looking like your own build after all Even if they find more practical ways in the future to match you with cheaper gears by exploring items hard to get or builds with similar results.

it’s hard but after you Hit max level with 1 character you’ll tell yourself [what do i want to invest with and make a unique main character on the long run]

Does Warlock have Any hope ?
i still have WAY too many classes i have to try out.
but this is the one class that i for now i feel like i could Risk investing on and find out if i’ll be fun or satisfying.

so here’s the question

hey guys, is there Anyone in this game who likes to main Warlock, hasn’t Quit tree of saviors, and think it’s worth it ?

the rank reset event will be back with Rank 9. Don’t worry about that. :slightly_smiling_face:

i feel you in regards with transcending practo weapons, too much commitment in 1 item for a certain class that may/may not be bad next meta change
meta changes so much in tos and it made me think to invest in things that are permanent like costumes, headgear with stats and other things i cant think of right now.
i think its best for you to play and try other classes since its easier to lvl now.
i got 2 330s, 1 317 and 2 200+ and still dont know which class to invest on.
ill probably stick to +11 or higher hg weapons.

I feel the opposite. I had a warlock 2, the reset event came, i switched to FF2. After bloodsucking everything and flying around, i want to be a warlock 2 again. I made a shinobi-murmillo and spent tons of silver on attributes and stuff, and now i wish i could get all my silver spent on alts and put it on a main Warlock 2 like the old good times from dullahan camping and superior corona rod.

The truth is: human beings are never satisfied, they get bored all the time, we do that in ToS cause we dont want the idea of quitting the game so we create some new character to fill up our needs. At the end of the day, the best option is to have 4-5 characters and do saalus daily and just log off right on. This way u spend less than 1 hour playing, dont get bored and repeat this to get some silver and to kill some bosses.

The game lacks purpose, and by that i mean, NOTHING in your day playing ToS can happen to make it wonderful, besides a DPK bug when u get 50 battle bracelets for free. Do u know what i mean? there is no TRUE hard drop to get, a good weapon or some random shi.t, its all about grinding like a retard to get some freaking caro antena or whatever item, so when u get 50 of them u can make a stupid orange weapon and realise u still not happy, cause u have no place to use it like a guild war or some sh1t. U just gear up, become a beast with max level attributes, and boom, the only thing u can do is some Solmiki boring dg to see high numbers going up and feel happy.

So, believe me, come back to dota 2 my fellow friend, lets get some 6k MMR sh1t, while u can still do saalus and kill some bosses in ToS. U just cant take off an entire day of your life and say: IM GONNA PLAY TOS ALL DAY LONG, cause u wont, u cant and u shouldnt.

My opinion? save all the silver u can my friend, when R9 comes, get some blue equips that are gonna be better than orange 315 and keep saving ur precious silver (maybe buy some nice pets for fun).

Gonna do my saalus now cause GOD needs my pray so he can give me silver and health everyday.

Have u ever watched the series the Leftovers? we ARE the leftovers, saviors.


Edit: i cant do saalus cause my server is bugged. see? even GOD quit ToS

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