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Highlander's [Cross Guard: Overdrive] huge bug

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Server Name: SA - Silute

Team Name: PCMovidoALenha

Character Name: RoloCompressor

Bug Description :
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When activating the skill [Cross Guard] from the class Highlander while having the [Cross Guard: Overdrive] attribute on, the caster takes an incredible amount of additional damage – roughly 80% more damage – from all sources during the duration of the buff. According to the attribute description the increment of damage should happen only on the damage dealt, not the damage taken:

  • Increases Cooldown by 60 seconds
  • When casting Cross Guard during the Attribute is activated, changes Cross Guard to [Cross Guard: Overdrive] buff skill which lasts for 30 minutes
  • Automatically blocks enemy attacks based on the current Cross Guard block probability during the buff
  • Increases damage by [30 + skill level * 5]% when the equipped weapon is Two-handed Sword or one-handed sword, increases skill damage of Highlander by 40%
  • Block after dismounting when succeeds in block without [Companion Riding] attribute
  • Unable to activate [Vaivora Two-handed Sword - Dual Sword] effect

What I think is happening is that somehow the damage buff is also affecting the damage taken by the same amount (80% at level 10), which is not how the skill is suppose to work obviously.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Turn into a Highlander and get both the Cross Guard skill and Cross Guard: Overdrive attribute
  2. Use Cross Guard
  3. Take any damage
  4. Compare the damage with and without the buff

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Yeah… when i suspected that was happening (i was doing Uphill) i just stopped using Overdrive just to be sure :tired:

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After seeing this I tested with a mage friend in pvp. I was indeed taking way much more dmg (around 80% more as well). Even when I disable overdrive after CD, it was still bugged, only changing maps worked to go back to normal. Also I tested the dmg reduction without the overdrive passive (manual block) and it is around the same reduction as passive shield block, which is kind of strange, in the past when tested the reduction, it used to be the same as shield active block reduction (pressing C).

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