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Highlander or Nak Muay

Hi my build right now is Doppel Nak Barb and recently Nak skill is kinda lackluster because of new patch and new damage cap, a flurry of 400k hit doesn’t compare to 1x 3000000 from zornhau or 3x 3000000 from zweckhau. The only saving grace is muay thai but in most situation I can’t even stand still to use it for the whole 30 seconds. I saw a lot of people use Highlander now but from what I’ve seen SFR wise it doesn’t scream all powerful to me, can anyone explain the charm of highlander and maybe give me a skill build please. 14 points on high you can put by yourselve !
i wuz with nak . but crosscut +skyliner and crown+moulinet is way stronger that nak skills …
P.S. theres an art that makes zhornau 3 overheat , i think that for dopp its a must!

true, Nak Muay is really weak now.
ithink one of the charms of highlander is the relatively small cooldown on skills, coupled with skills that gives out additional dmg to (bleeding/shocked) enemies.

if your goin barb-doppel-nak/high route i recommend using Prison Cutter Card x3 taht gives additional dmg to bleeding enemies.

here’s what i usual go with with my build for highlander.

or this if u really want to get all of highlander’s offensive skills.

Highlander is useless from what i experienced.
most skills are too short ranged.
crosscut and crown got only 1 overheat
skyliner did not get the damage buff,cross gaurd is pretty useless.
you cant land even 1 highlander skill attack in PVP and guild War due to its very short range and wierd positon.

most of the time u will see not using highlander skills at all.
u will be rotating barb +doppel skills

he is just comparing Nakmauy and Highlander.
yes your points are valid bout highlander being not quite effective in PvP but compare it to nakmuay as it stands now. even in PvE nakmuay is now back to being underwhelming.