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Highlander 2H- sword question

The Attribute: Two handed sword mastery - critical attack

Is the increased crit atk supposed to show on your stat window? Because I equipped a yellow gem on my 2H sword and it seemed to only add the exact amount the Gem adds, instead of adding 50% more.

only critical rate(similiar to critical chance) show in window i think…
critical attack is the upper limit of critcal damage?

i dont think it shows…what u mean by

i am not sure either…

There are many effects that don’t get reflected on the stat window. For example: Druid’s Sterea Trofh is also supposed to increase critical attack, but when you use the buff your critical attack stat is not changed on the stat window. Or the +15% attack bonus from leather mastery…

We have a Critical Attack stat in the character window. It is the bonus critical damage that increases when you add DEX. Highlander has an attribute that increases that stat by 50% when wearing 2H sword, but I do not see the increase in the stat window.

Is the highlander one intended though? coz it’s not a buff, but a passive effect from an attribute. Can anyone test if there is a difference in damage??