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High Guard stance animation cancel when using Pounce skill

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Server Name:Telsia

Team Name: Artsy_Ink

Character Name: Mabel

Bug Description :
not sure if this was intended in your gameplay design, using Pounce skill will remove High Guard stance animation

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. cast High Guard (will go into High Guard Stance)
  2. use Pounce skill (barbarian)
  3. will then revert back to normal standing battle stance instaed of high guard stance (holding the shield up)

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That’s a general bug on stance skills.
It happens with Muay thai, Murmilo Helmet, High Guard, Finestra, kneeling shot(press C to bug) and some more.
If you cast any channeling skill that change your character animation it will revert the stance animation back to default, but when you walk it will use the correct stance animation.
All them bug out too if you use the vanilla Block (Press C by default) with a shield.
Its an old bug.

your kinda right about the block button making it bug out too, but Muleta a channeling skill works fine though with high guard. well its not really a big problem though, just wanted imc to know and take notice if they would have the time to correct it. cuz i kinda love the high guard stance compared to rapier stance :blush: thank you