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Hidden class (Assassin)

Pre-requisites: C1 Scout; C2 Rogue (Assassin-like skills Cloaking and Backstab are unlocked on these circles)

Shadowstep: Leap into shadows and emerge behind your target to backstab it.

  • Deals x*Backstab (Rogue skill) damage (multiplier increases with level of the skill)
  • Nice gap-closer

Shadowdance: Meld in shadows and backstab all targets around you every second. Will be interrupted if you move or use other skills and items.

  • Deals Shadowstep’s damage every 1 second to all enemy targets in a some AoE around you (leveling increases the duration e.g: lvl 1 - 1 sec, lvl 2 - 2 sec, etc.)
  • Nice skill to combo with other players or “dodge” enemy AoE skills.

Keen-eye: self-buff that doesn’t count toward buff count. Deal additional damage depending on enemies’ armor type

  • 1.5x dmg vs plate, 1.25x dmg vs leather, 1x dmg vs cloth, 1x dmg vs ghost
  • Basically works like Wizard’s quick-cast.

Burrow-mastery: Allows to move slowly while using Burrow (Rogue’s skill)

  • Move with 10% of your current movement speed (lvl increases the %)

Undercover: Change your appearance to the last killed victim

  • A self-buff that transforms your appearance to the last killed monster or player. If the killed player is from the enemy guild, you gain neutrality with them while the buff lasts. Gain neutrality with monsters, when transforming into a monster.
  • Leveling the skill increases duration

Improved cloaking: 1 lvl passive-skill. Allows to jump while cloaked.