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Hi there, it has been a long while

I recently decided to come back to ToS, and wow have things changed. I haven’t played since June 2016, so I am pretty behind. I’ve also been looking for reliable up-to-date ToS resources. Anyone have suggestions?

I used to play a Toy Hammer build. Are those even viable anymore?

Thanks for your time,

thougn im not a cleric, things are really diferent now if u stopped playing since 2016.
but here’s a skill simulator if u want to try some builds out first.
and you can only have 1base class, and 3 advance classes. no more circle1 circle2 monk circle 1 priest stuff like that.

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its 3 years away obviously things drastically change
if you just join now and miss the stamp tour event you just miss a good event to get you viable for most contents.
but dont worry, you can grab some seasonal trip-to-400 package or wait for another events with goodies

Forget Toy hammer, look for raw damage and stats, because they buff almost every skill factor in the game. I recently started a new character, and easily pass trough all main quest story line, just using common/rare items. You don’t need crazy events to go back, or the best equipment to play. Just don’t build full support without anyone to play with, and forget auto attack builds.

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