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Hi there, have a question about sorcerer's boss card

What is the most popular boss card that sorcerer using now? Is it still Temple shooter? :face_with_monocle:

Ignas for bossing, Zaura, Froster Lord for AoE are op now.

Some cards are buffed with EP12 patch, temple shooter might also one of them (I just remember Marnox). Need to check patch notes (if they didn’t forget to indicate them).

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I like Gorkas as a general purpose card, since he hits all around himself you dont need to worry much about positioning , its not the strongest card tho, but works well as a budget card

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Gorkas is better than. Frozzt lord. Due its range. And it was buffed with episode 12

Froster lord

And one more i dont remember well only those were buffed the others will deal less damage so u can choose from those and. Situation. But for aoe is better the starcfrat zealot protooss one gorkas xd