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Hi new to the game

hello, iam new to the game and i just had a couple questions about classes. currently trying swordsman.

1- i was wondering can i mix any classes or will there be problems due to weapon difference?
2- i can advance at level 15 but does that mean my base class level wont increase anymore?
3- can i spend skill points on all skills maximizing them? or do i have to be careful with what skills to allocate points to?
4- what are attributes points and how/where to get them?
5-what about stat points?
6-do i get to level up skills of previous classes and use them?

sorry for the bad english or stupid questions. thank you for any answers

Hello! Sorry in advance for the wall of text mate, just trying to explain with details haha

1- You can mix classes, the game has an auto-swap weapon system, where you can equip 2 types of weapons and it’ll auto-swap them when you do a skill that requires another type of weapon, however, having mixed classes is usally not adviced since that means practically double the effort when you invest into your endgame gear, plus classes that use the same type of weapon usually have synergies with other classes that uses the same type of weapon, but yes, you can mix classes

2- That is correct, your base class only goes up to lvl 15, however, all the other classes you can choose go up to lvl 45, having a “milestone”, where it’ll have a soft reset on the exp needed to lvl up every 15 lvls

3- The skill system works like this; every class has 3 tiers of skills, each tier unlocks at lvl 1, 16 and 31, those are the “milestones” i mentioned before, so, when you just advanced to a new class you’ll have the tier 1 skills availabe to lvl up, the max lvl of those skills will be 5 for now, when you reach lvl 16 you’ll unlock the tier 2 skills and “upgrade” the tier 1 skills by increasing the max lvl of the tier 1 skills by 5, same thing will happen once you unlock the tier 3 skills

In short; the final max lvl for your skills for each class at 45 is,
tier 1: 15
tier 2: 10
tier 3: 5

TL;DR: You cant typically max every skill, so you do have to be somewhat careful what to max out, but a lot of skills are 1 point wonders and it is somewhat obvious what skills you should max based on the tiers

4- Attribute Points is a system that can enhance your skills, either by giving certain skills unique effects or by straight up increasing the skill factor of offensive skills, you can see all the attributes for your skill in your F3 tab

You can get Attribute Points normally with silver; for every 1000 silver invested you’ll get 1 attribute point, however you most likely wont ever have to invest silver in it since you can get a lot, and i mean A LOT of attribute points for free just doing regular content plus almost every event every week can give attribute points as a reward

Regular content that can give attribute points are; Class master quests, guild quests, Hunting Ground bosses, Uphill Defense Mission, completing story quests episodes (check F5 tab, these give a lot of AP), reaching certain base lvl milestones (at lvl 40, 75, 120, 170, 220, 270, 315, 380, 400, each giving you a couple of 1000 AP, talk to Wings of Vaivora NPC in town to reedem them) and probably more that im missing, thing is, regular content often gives AP as rewards, also, check the events going on every week to see the rewards there, a lot of free stuff most of the time c:

5- You get stat points every time you lvl up, they increase automatically depending on the classes you have, you can increase the stats further through gear, that is the main way to increase stats

Theres also some quests lines that give you 3 free stat point that you can allocate when you complete them

6- You lvl up each class individually, after you reach lvl 45 on you class lvl you can advance to your next class, so no, you cant lvl up previous classes since you do have to reach max lvl before advancing to the next class

Again, sorry for the wall of text haha but i do hope this can help you out, if you need help with anything else feel free to ask, I’d be glad to help out c: have fun with the game!

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thanks alot for the answer it helped me with everything thing i need. thank you very much. just a couple more questions if you dont mind.
1- is ping important in the game . i am on the eu server but my ping seems to be 120-130
2- i noticed there are a handful of recommended class/subclass combination . for example swordsman doppel/barb/blossom. etc. but on all classes that comes to around 12 or so combinations. are those the most viable combinations in the game and the rest garbo?