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Hi IMC, please fix the game

Known bugs, not sure if just me.

Skiaclipse- summoned mobs don’t appear, but healing effect on Skia is still there.

Constant channel crashes lately.

Party member(or more) not appearing in Challenge Mode.

Re-identification bug- you all know what this annoying bug is.

Crafting bug - the crafting gauge doesn’t appear and caharacter stuck in crafting mode. Only option is to hard shut-down the game using task manager, as all in-game functions stop to work.

Weapon maintenance bug - many times the buff doesn’t apply and your weapon is stuck in the maintenance screen. Fixed by relogging, but still very annoying and time wasting.

WBR mechanics not working properly, buff platforms don’t appear, they load for a bit and disappear.

This is game breaking, equipment potential not counting correctly sometimes, causing players to use normal extractor instead of golden, thinking it had 1 pot left when there’s 0. My guildie had a wonderous armor disappear. It happened to me once and noticed a failed attempt didn’t deduct a potential. Fixed by re-logging. What if i didn’t notice and What if it was a Vaivora.

I’m sure there are a lot more i missed, but yeah, please fix your game.


You can change channel to fix this, but it is obviously still very annoying.

This was also a bug on the last growth server, are you on the growth server or the main one?

Even re identification is bug.

Tree of bugs and bots. smh

The game is broken!
IMC: zzzzzzZZzzz

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