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Hi IMC, i need a Ronin (dual-sword class)

Hi IMC, i was your beta-tester. I played this game from the begin, and for sometime, i quit and i return and i quit again. And here i am.

I saw you made many change, improved and make more bugs/disappointment. But something that like it never changed. That you seen like to never listen to your players or give them what they wanted. But it okay, as long as you not give up on us, and keep improving. This may be the first from a seri of “Hi IMC” i’ll make if this got some attention and supported.

For a long time ago, people rush all they got to looking for an item named “Arde Dagger”. Which the only item that even rarer than legendary/unique. The only item in the game that is a dagger, and can equip to anyclass. Specially for Swords, to make something so call dual-wielding sword. It was a half-bad tried.

I pretty sure that many people have tried to suggesting/begging for a dual-sword class.

And guess what? That wish was never full filled. I will assume that you doesn’t have the idea to make it. So i’ll give you one.

The name and idea is just for reference. I know it a Korean game and it hard to use Japanese references, so i have both English name and Japanese name.

Ronin (Wanderlin):

Class tree: Sword or Scout

  • Ronin is a person who had abandon their honor and loyalty, to get on a way for seeking something of their own interesting, True or Power. Whichever it is, it’s a road of loneliness and brutal, what taught them to show no mercy on enemy. You will know what is true fearsome if you facing them.

Main wepon:

  • 1 hand sword
  • Dagger / unequiped


Way of the Ronin:

  • Dagger: increase damage and critical rate
  • Unequiped: increase eva and critical rate


Lv 1:

  • Dual wield (for 1h + dagger): Similar with bullet maker skill, turn sub-weapon into another sword. Require: 1 hand sword + dagger, unlock dual wielding skills

  • Took off (for single weapon): Perform a strong attack(kick) to knock-down enemy, the duration of knock-down and damage based on how your str and target’s str/ con. Max duration: (second). Require: 1 hand sword only. (no sub-weapon). If target is a sword class, temporary took off the target’s main weapon and use it, you gain half of the weapon’s stats, unlock dual wield skills.
    The target skill can equip their main-weapon and use skills, but stats cut half, until the duration end or success used a crow-control on the ronin who took it or make some damage to them. (alliance’s cc doesn’t count)

  • Double Slash (main dmg and cc): Perform a quick double slash. If successful hit a single target with 2 hit, can re-cast and perform another 3rd attack with both sword for addition dmg and knock-down enemy.
    If sub-weapon is unequiped, the 3rd will hit with your bare hand and brutally stab your enemy at close range(4th attk), cause strike dmg + piece dmg. Leave the target with bleeding.
    Hitting emeny with normal attack can also have a chance to re-cast if double slash in colddown.

  • Ruthless (buff): Convert/reduce your p-def and m-def into p-atk and critical rate
    -% pdef into patk
    -% mdef into critical rate

Lv 15:

  • Two Heaven in One (niten ichi ryu - single target - aoe - dual weilding): Perform a slash+piece counter attack. If successful counter an attack within (second) Ronin will teleport/jump behind the target, immu to dmg while in animation and hit everything that close to the target with addition hit. (number of hit = aoe + 1)

  • Strike from Heaven (Ten Batsu - single target - dual weilding): Can only perform while jumping/on air. Ronin will leap into the high air, out of any target. Can’t attack or being attacked and for a duration, strike down to the target, cause knock-down and lightning damage to target’s surround.

  • If sub-weapon is unequiped, Ronin will hold the target and throw it into another target/ground. Cause addition strike dmg and knock-down, target un-able to move but can attack, if Ronin receive (a number) of dmg the target will un-hold and can move again, Ronin can’t throw them.

Lv 35:

  • Execution(HitsuSatsu): Similair with annihilation, but on single target. Perform a seri of attack on a target. (munber of slash = aoe + n )
    If the target have higher than 50% hp: Cause bleeding dmg
    If the target have lower than 50% hp: Increase critical dmg
    If the target have lower than 30% hp: Increase critical rate. Increase (more) critical dmg if the target is bleeding
    If the target have lower than 5% hp: Instand kill

  • (The idea is to reduce your enemy’s hp from above 50% to 5% for a finishing move and sure kill with maxium potential in pvp, or have a great dmg for bossing at any stage and make it faster and faster kill each time you used it to reduce boss’s hp)

  • (And for balance it much be a long colddown so it will be a punishment if you used it the wrong timing or underestimated your enemy’s defense)

Example build:

  • Scout:
    Corsair > Outlaw > Ronin
    Rogue > Shinobi > Ronin
    Assassin > Rogue > Ronin

  • Sword:
    Barbarian > Blossom Blader > Ronin
    Barbarian > Nak Muay > Ronin
    High Lander > Barbarian > Ronin

That all i got for now.

Next, will be “Hi IMC, i want a Star Shooter (Magic Archer)”


You spelled Star Burst Stream wrong.

Actually this is what i imaged :haha: but i like your idea, simple and understand able :haha:

Check: 1:23 (She using 2 sword for the finish combo, but very fast so you need to look very close)


Basically, hit, dash, kick, slash.

Actually want to see the air bond combo too but i don’t think ToS can be able to put that into animation and stuffs so i skip that.

There was only one beta tester? I guess that explains a lot.


The only one LEFT, that still playing and try to make it better, i guess.

Your link:

  • Corsair: is a dual-blade in PAPER, it never show that they using double bade move, except a lot of flashing animation.

  • Outlaw: Is a mixed, gun, blade. Name and description is just for reference, you should read it all.

  • Onmyoji, Miko, Shinobi: Yah, They’re all Japanese reference, i don’t want to be rude here, you should try it yourself. They not bad, they cool, but they just rip-off in my opinion, changed and input a lot of Korean ref or what Korean thought about them, cause i also a Japanese and a weebo, i played a lot of game that have those name, the ToS version just aren’t feel right.

  • Onmyoji: It not wrong, but it not right, Onmyoji actually just summoner in JP. They have no spell, or real strength except ex the spell to contain spirit.

  • Miko: Pretty close, they’re Priest in JP. But lack of action, still feel missing things.

  • Shinobi: Let say, it’s a Naruto reference to be exactly.

A bold statement for sure.

Regardless, a lot of these skill ideas are similar to existing skills. It’s as though the class is just an amalgamation of several other classes, including Doppelsoeldner, Blossom Blader, and Barbarian… which can already be used together to essentially do what this class would. Being a 1H Sword focused class in the Scout tree is also questionable, as the entire tree is largely focused around offhand weapons. I’m pretty sure that the only Scout that uses their main hand weapon for 100% of the damage calculation is Squire.

I also find it unlikely that IMC would go back and make any “armed” enemies able to drop their weapon for the player to use. Skills that can grab enemies have also had a limit on the types of enemies affected by them. It would seem that this class, with its disarming and crowd control, would be more suited towards PvP. However, there are already a handful of effective PvP classes in both the Swordsman and Scout trees. Some are already capable of making the opponent drop their gear, and many others are known for spamming knockdowns, knockbacks, statuses that limit movement, and so on. What I’m trying to say is that any new classes should have an identity beyond flavor text to set them apart from existing ones.

If you want to quote my line, it fine, but pls quote it in a full term. So it don’t cause any confusing. The one you quoted with the one that i actually mean have a very huge different meaning gap.

I only giving a concept, it not actually have to be exactly.

The main concept is to have a sword class that can use a dual-blade in real ANIMATED, not just a paper concept like Corsair that can only show some slashy flashy effect.

The skill i made is just the imagined of mine on how it would look like in a final stage. And what i give is full possible cause, you pick 1 or 2 from it, that what concept is for. Ofc it would OP if you put everything into real final product. (Plus, i believe dev team have their own idea too, so the final wouldn’t go like what i posted or completely different if it got implemented)

And if you saying that my skill look like an existed skill. You’re not wrong, it was intentional to be similar. all skill in ToS is just a re-animation/ re-skin of another skill with some small tweak of the calculation.

All skill basically is just some fan/circle/square-shape that trigger some animation or flashy effect, then number pop-up. That why archer have so many similar skill and they’re all just feel like a mage doing physical dmg (this will have more talk in my next class post).

I can have your Unique-wanted-skill, but i afraid ToS’s engine/dev team can’t handle it in the coding things stuff, so that why i made it similar to existed skill.

Like the Youmu Konpaku’s video i posted above, where i get the ref from, she have a lot of interested move, both dual-sword and single sword, but i didn’t use it in my post.

I saw your good point. The idea of took off enemy player is meaned for pvp. But i also think for pve, most monster have very low str even boss monster, so it can cause a huge dmg to them, i don’t think it a disadvantaged, but i think it kind of OP, even you’r unable to use 2 skills. But again, i just give idea, balancing and calculating number is not my job.

It’s also in pvp, you can’t took their weapon and use but you can cause a lot of dmg to wiz/cleric class that don’t have any str, but you don’t do any dmg to swordman/archer/scout class, because they have high str, but you can took their weapon and make it your. If took all player’s stat and prevent them to do anything, it kind of too OP and toxic, so that why it cut in half so the victim still can able to fight it back. There are a lot skill more OP than this already existed in the game, like Appraiser (by delete all trans&enc you literally turn someone into a mob that can’t fight back or escape)

You sacrifice a lot of dmg by not equipping any sub-weapon to exchange for a high risk high reward move. The whole point is to give up something to get something. And since the are barbarian and blossom blade have the similar point, that to give it to a whole new of mean like give up all your def to go all-in your enemy to make a combo-break, you either one hit em, or they 1 hit you.

The blossom blade is overkill right now, so i’m pretty sure they will nerf it for sure, or buff other class so they can survived. But anyone still like to build an all-in class, it would be a good idea.

The idea isn’t really original and the concept of the class is very boring. It would be another suicidal class that requires a lot of micro-management for probably worse pay-off than already existing classes like Blossom Blader or Doppelsoeldner.

It also abandons the idea of being a Ronin, which is being a wandering sword noble who is looking for a new lord to serve, and turns the once-proud Samurai into a ruthless tramp.

If you want to present a no-shield sword class, something based upon Chinese martial arts and mythology, for example 武俠(Wuxia), which translates as military knight, and is generally used as a term for a knight who was proficient in Wushu, a general term for martial arts,
could be a much better fit for the skills and lore you want the character to have.

It is pretty common to fight either with sword and scabbard (which would be interesting because we don’t have such a class yet) or with multiple swords/bladed weapons, and Wuxia are also known for their ridiculous athletic abilities, jumping and flying across whole battlefields.
They also use qui and magic attacks, which would greatly suit your lightning type attack and the ability to grab hold of the enemies weapon from afar, and allow Swordsmen to have both more mobility and a higher attack range if they focus solely on the way of the one-handed sword.

In my opinion, a Wuxia would offer far more unique play styles than a simple Doppelsoeldner 2.0 could ever hope to do.

Thank you for your idea suggestion, i was also think about the Chinese Sword Wanderer and know a few but i don’t know how it used in English so i use what i know best, in Jpese.

Btw, Ronin in Jpese actually was a bad-meaning before the story about the 47-Ronin have been told. For the most, they’re not nobles, some became a ronin because they failed as became a Samurai, they have chance to come as a Shinobu if they still can proof their worthy but most are abandoned by their lord and dishonored, they have their own core, like the Chinese Wanderers. Some became criminal, but some just wandering around seeking something, a new lord or new life.