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Hi, i'm back to play and need help to build

hi, i wanna make a char, mage/wizard, with nice aoe skills for pvm, someone can help me? thx

There are a lot of options, you can go Pyromancer>Taoist>Elementalist, use ark thunder or storm, ichor overload, Vaivora Firebolt.Or maybe a channelling mage, Onmyoji>Psychokino>RuneCaster, use ark Divine retribution, ichor Infinite Blessing, Vaivora Biased Gravity . Or you can go with a caster mage, Onmyoji>(Elementalist/Terramancer/Chronomancer)>RuneCaster, ark Divine retribution, Ichor Gabija, Vaivora (Rune of Vigilance/Time Rush/Stone-Linger)