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Hi, i got bugged on thsi quest odk what to do now on actually cause i cant talk with the spirit heare i leve u a vid

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) :5/13/20

Server Name:Europe

Team Name:Kao

Character Name:Kao

Bug Description :
(i cant talk with the spirit)

Steps to reproduce the issue :

Screenshots / Video :
(its dosnt letme atach vdeo or image but i can tell u i got bugged on Adepting Circumstances quest when it just started and i cant talk to the spirit as it should be so i cant do annythign cause spirit is bugged)

Game Control Mode (Keyboard Mouse) :


  • CPU : Ryzen 3800x
  • RAM : 16
  • Graphics Card :1070
  • Mainboard : Msi
  • Storage : 2tb
  • OS : win10
  • Internet Connection : 600mb
  • Country, Region : spain (image of the bug)

Try switching to keyboard mode and use space bar to interact with the NPC.

IIRC for some quests the NPC moves around and leaves a bogus “shadow” to the prior area so try to see if he’s not generated elsewere. You cannot interact with the “shadow”. Remember that for the questline you have sometimes to use an item in the inventory to make the NPC appear (scroll or stone?) so maybe try to “refresh” the NPC by right clicking the item in your inventory.

You have to use an item in your inventory.