Heyo! Newbie here!


Well…This is gonna be interesting. Name’s Cobalt. A pleasure to be here. I’ve actually never played TOS before. I only heard of this game because I was wondering if there were MMOs similar to Overlord.

But from what I’m seeing, this looks like an amazing MMO. I’m eager to sink my teeth into it. I hope that this is an MMO that will hold my interest for years to come.

PS. Sorry if this shouldn’t be here. I couldn’t find a thread for introducing myself. Sorry!


Welcome! Hope you have fun playing the game! :haha:


Thank you! I think the toughest part is figuring out where to start. From what I hear, there’s a lot of classes.


Yup! 80? i think?
Well with the Rank reset event still on going you could pick and replace classes that you like/dislike.
for starter just pick with what you like the most Warrior/Archer/Cleric/Wizard and go up from there…
or pick from one class within a class tree that looks interesting and go down from there. (e.g. Elementalist = Wiz3Ele3War3Rune, etc)


Welcome Welcome…

Hope you are having a great time :yum:

if need anything feel free to ask :slight_smile:


I will take all the advice that I can get. :smiley:
Like I said, I got into this cause I was looking for MMOs kinda like that anime, Overlord. And while it’s tempting to make a character similar to the protagonist and rain magical oblivion upon my enemies…

IDK, I’ll have to see what the game has in store. Any recommendations would be appreciated, even if it’s just pointing me to a thread for newbies.



this should help you out with some build crafting…

May you find the path best suited for you also check out the news section here so you are up to date on the restructure of the game class mechanic and other stuff…


shows new classes and build method that is coming here in the near future…


Here’s something to find your build that suits your taste.

Here’s a list of build that are popular

Maybe make a good farming class 1st so you can have the money to support your main character. OR; make a class that is fast at leveling > then reset (using the reset event) > then build a farming character from there…


Hey there! Welcome to the forums! You joined the game just in time, you will get to experience the current rank system until it will be no more after the upcoming major rebuild patch!