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Heroic tale tips

formula from Telsiai’s kokwhynoob

i usually go this way:
Stage 1:
-buy 2 weapon
-enhance them using 10k points

Stage 2:
-craft 1 tier lv 3 buff

Feel free to share any useful tips here so that we can automatch with random person who is know what to do and have a more efficient run

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  1. You can use squire foods to get extra hp/sp and aoe attack ratio
  2. Property is split when playing in team, selecting different properties will reduce chance of getting a worst case scenario, but at the same time, if only 1 or 2 people have a property the bonus will be weaker
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I don’t understand the tip what these images supposed to mean
I always do hp/sp absortion buff and always build around heroic tale potion, mandatory enchants are [expedite] (unique) and [heroic tale recovery drink CD 10s] (common), the other two you can pick easy to roll options like final damage with increased SP and [Arcanum], if you roll good unique or legendary enchants its also good. Last necklace is great for this build. Super easy to clear with large aoe skill classes.


to let everyone remember their favorite buff combination, saves time in real game

I just roll to get CD reduction but all I get is that annoying ballistas hahaha … is healer buff for cleric healers only or can dps also use it? O,O

I main as Healer. I really wouldn’t recommend Heroic Tale as Healer but if you’re like me and that’s the only thing you’ve got, then this is what has worked for me:

Buy Mace and Shield. Spend those 10k coins on SP Recovery BUFF and get it to level 5. I tried other options such as the clone, +matk and +additional dmg, none worked as good as SP Recovery.

Roll for these ENHANCEMENTS:
+50% dmg on Skills with 5 second or less Cooldown.
+25% dmg on Skills with SP cost with more than 300 SP Cost.
+100% dmg for 5 sec when using Heroic Pot.
Heroic Pot CD reduced to 10 sec.

I tried the +40 PATK/MATK with up to 50 stacks and Heroic Pot combo on Healer… not that good, Corrupted Sphere didn’t get stronger.

Obviously buy the Heroic Potion Accessory.

Just make sure you get those Enhancements.

Corrupted Sphere one shots all mobs unless they dodge or block. On Stage 4 and 5 the mobs with shields take 2 hits unless there are 3 mobs or less. If you’re not having issues with SP, Clone Lv.3 allows you to 1 shot everything on Stage 4 and 5.


Why do you DPS in HT? Are you doing it alone? It’s better to queue in that case and just heal the party. More comfy.

Yeah, I’ve never seen anyone in Auto Match Heroic Tale.

Errr, I use healer and let the others dps … I go to the front and absorb all the damage haha

  • Priest (Heal)
  • Kaba (Ein Sof, Range Heal … I dunno sometimes this doesn’t work)
  • Paladin (Sp Regen)

Easy run even if we have weak dps … I also get Ballista but … dunno if it does damage or not lol

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