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Here we are, once again

Waiting for a maintenance to end, it’s 20 min delay and we got 0 notices.

Gotta love imc

Uh, maintenance doesn’t end for another 40 minutes. If you’re going to chastise, at least be right.

Gotta love ignorance.


Yes, 1 EDT is another 40 minutes.

This is why they should put the REGION’S time instead of commonly used.

In Brazil we’re 1 hour ahead. And i’m not the only person to mistake the time, believe me.

Anyways, i ask IMC apologies.


You’re like the worst troll.

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Why use a time zone from USA if we’re on SA?

It’s a SA notice, for god sake. Nobody uses anything that belongs to USA except for USA

cara, você errar o tempo do jogo é exclusiva culpa sua, desculpa.


The server time that ToS uses can be found in the top right hand corner of the main website.

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Se fosse só eu.

Tenho 22 amigos jogando, TODOS eles achavam que era 1 hora de Brasília.

Now this is a good reply. Thank you, sir.

Er…it’s not 1am yet

it had to be a fu cking BR being a complete moron.

Dude quit the game, no one needs you.

Not on your time zone…


and I died.

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I believe i apologized on the post. No need to be shitlords and keep spamming retarded posts.

cara todos os 23 sao extremamentes burros. O jogo não é br, é hostiado nos USA, e você achou que era no harario oficial de brasilia?? sem contar que no site tem um PUTA relogio digital. Ter mai pessoas com o mesmo tipo de problema que o seu não o deixa mais certo ou mais errado.

Klaipeda and Orsha are both down for the 24 hour maintenance as well. Both those servers are USA based.

Also, there are a lot of countries that use EST besides the USA, it doesn’t “belong” to the US.


That eagle is badass