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Helpe me to pick a class

Hi guys, im having problems to chose a wizard class.
first i chose a Dark wizard build : warlock shadowmancer and Onmyoji (but i donw know if is good, the dmg early game is not good i think. and other question, should i pick Onmyoji first than sm to lvlup faster? )
than i was thinking to get pyro-element-taoist (but i will be able to solo cm?and do contents)

what is the bests options to wizard?i like Dark builds, but if there is others so much better, than its ok

thank you, sry my English, isnt my main language

early game damage with mages it’s kinda difficult, because you depend on your SP, cooldown, and having only a few skills available, but it’s not a bad build, actually you can mix whatever you want, using a build that it’s fun to use it’s more important than worrying about damage, at least for your first characters. But one thing is creating a build for “content” as you say, and one completely different is trying to create build to solo CM, builds are important if your point is to solo cm, but even if your build is good, there’re a lot of other factors to have in mind, the most important is EQUIPMENT, to solo a cm you need really good equipment with good stats, and set bonuses, that’s far more important than the build (but the build is in second place).

To solo a CM build wise, you need multiple AOE skills with good damage multipliers, being able to sustain yourself (with potions/skills) or nuke before you take massive damage, and having skills that allows you to chain them, make combos, and use sinergy if they have it

Solo a CM it’s basically very late game, so don’t focus yourself into doing that, and focus yourself into learning about clases, and how to team play.

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In regards to your question about soloing cm with Pyro-Ele-Tao, you’ll be able to solo 5 stages easily as long as you have decent gear. You’ll have tons of AOE and skills you can spam.

Edit: I thought a little bit about your first build…

For a dark theme wizard, I know Featherfoot has really good dmg and debuffs and works well with Warlock since you have a debuff from Mastema as well. I’m not sure if it has much AOE though. Shadowmancer is mainly good for utility, and the brief blind you can inflict with Shadow Condensation buffs Warlock’s attacks. Featherfoot-Warlock-Shadowmancer is getting a little bit more popular lately, so it’s something you could consider if you want. An example of your skill rotation would be: Enervation, Shadow Condensation (for the blind to boost Mastema), Mastema, then Kundela Slash x3.

I don’t know too much about other builds as I haven’t played them much. Hopefully that helps a little bit.

I play with a Pyro-Psycho-Onmi and a like it a lot. Good AoE with some cc. Never tried to solo CM, but I can definitely seeing this build being capable of doing so.

thanks everyone for helping me. but with Featherfoot-Warlock-Shadowmancer I will lack aoe, or not?

It does have AoE, but in my opinion it lacks damage with those AoEs. I think at least Mastema will be getting a buff later, and the Spirits Warlock summons will explode on the mob instead of fly towards and ‘mostly’ miss.

I know it isn’t exactly a ‘Dark Wizard’, but I main at the moment after getting bored of Tao-Ele-Pyro, I went Omny-Fea-Chrono. Has enough AoE with short cooldowns, and has a very nice amount of Single Target damage, as well as being a very nice healer for yourself and the party.

Fantastic for bosses as you can heal everyone with Blood Curse.

One nice combo: Lethargy: Enchant, Kurdaitcha around the boss, Pass, Kurdaitcha then prolong the AoE with Backmasking and Levitate to avoid being hit, then pop Blood Curse to get insane healing while you dish out the rest of your attacks.

With CM, Blood Curse ignores defense, so does quite well at later stages.

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Omny-Fea-Chrono in that order? i will try thank you

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Well I think that is the best order. You’ll want to use a Rod (And get the wizard casting Rod Attribute) to cut down on Casting Delay, when you have Chronomancer, you can begin using a Staff as you’ll have Quick Cast.

The issue is, is that each spell (Omny) uses 50 Silver per item (most spells use one) spent on a spell, so if you’re low on Silver and new, maybe Featherfoot would be a better starting class. As soon as you’re higher level, that 50 Silver is nothing when you’re dropping 700 silver per mob at level 400+.

how works this blood curse, i cant heal my teammates

Anything hit by Blood Curse gets a debuff, that debuff heals people who attack those mobs.

With the Blood Curse: Limit attribute, and Blood Curse being at level 10, you get 19 seconds of this debuff, it does wonders against Hunting Grounds mobs and bosses. (Link edited)

After 2:16, you can see a demonstration of Blood Curse.

Challenge Mode Stage 5

Irredian Boss