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Help with statues (for stamp event)

Hi there people.

i’m trying to achieve the “Find all goddess statues” for stamp event, but something is tricking me.

I already got 92 from 96. I play since beta, so it is supose the have all statues. Anyway spend all day looking around every map, from klai to narvas. Did i miss something or there some “hidden statue” to find, or some statue on a closed map?

Anyone got all statues?

Thank you! =)

There’s an add-on that will tell you the location of every statue and which ones you miss. Another clue is look at the Adventure Journal and check maps you didn’t explore 100% that could have a statue.

Do you got all Draconis?

Checked on journal. The only maps not 100% are:
Nheto Forest
Valandis Room 91
Royal Mausoleum Workers Lodge
Royal Mausolem Constructors Chapel
Nevelled Quarry 2f
Baha Forest

I believe none of this have statues.

Trying addons. Let’s see

Some maps have multiple tiers when you hover over them, i.e. dungeons, a few of them have more than one statue, like Tevhrin Stalactite Cave, Royal Mausoleum, Kalejimas, etc
open that and search: (W)
it will pinpoint any map with warp statue
compare it with the one from your worldmap in game when you talk to statue

Finally got it. Thank you all for help.

It was actually some kind of bug. All missing statues are on 100% explored areas wtf. Worse than that, about 1 week ago i killed every commom boss, including cerebus, teleporting to mokusul chamber. That was one of the missing statues. No sense. Crap imc.

The addon was really helpfull.

@myself your tip gimme the last one map. Ashaq f3 was 100% explored but for some reason the statue was not active. Comparing on tos neet i found it!

Thank all a lot. 100 kk worth tips. =****

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what addon did you use?

Was the Map Mate. Is a JTOS addon you can find on addon manager 0.3.1.

He show every information of the map you are. When you not got the statue of that map, he show the alert icon.

But imo consulting with tos neet map is better and faster. With this addon you will need to enter on every map to find out.

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ahh ic thank you.
But regarding your issue where the Explored with goddess statues that weren’t activated, does the Map Mate addon show that they are not activated?

Yes, it does. But remember, only when you are on that map.

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thank you, that would be my last resort, if i complete all unexplored maps :slight_smile:

Status Point Check will list every Vakarine statue that you haven’t found. No need to jump into every map to check, although MapMate is a good addon to have nonetheless.

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thank you, will try :smiley:

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